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In 2015, two men (Mike Merideth and Mike Bowen , who have been friends since the junior high school) as an offshoot of Pillar Church, created the Artisan Community Development Corporation. In an effort to educate homeless men, the Artisan created programs and projects to help transition the men back to regular society.

In the beginning, Artisan did outreach to men in shelters. They created a life skills curriculum, teaching classes and building relationships with the men in the program. Artisan reached out to the local government for partnership opportunities and they were receptive to their ideas, programs, and projects. Artisan in LaGrange has taught life skills classes on Wednesday nights to homeless men, designed and helped develop computer classes for homeless men. The Artisan created assessment protocols, outreach to the homeless, including building relationships with homeless citizens of LaGrange (going under bridges and taking coffee to those living under bridges.) The Artisan built mentoring relationships with individuals in the homeless shelters. Worked warming center, provided perishable and non-perishable goods to warming center. Artisan found employment for homeless men in Troup County. Approximately 75 men were helped the first year.