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Mike Bowen



Executive  Director

Meet Michael Bowen!

Michael is the Executive Director and one of the Founders of the Artisan C.D.C.

Michael is responsible for overseeing projects and programs as well as communicating the vision and mission of the Artisan C.D.C. Michael is also responsible for fund raising, helping the organization to grow and connect with the communities the Artisan C.D.C. is trying to assist. 

Michael serves with many different community groups and has relationships with individuals across diverse backgrounds. Michael has worked to bridge gaps in the community by establishing connections with organizations that serve the disadvantaged and are functioning with integrity in their methods and metrics in addition to transparency with their finances.  

Michael has an extensive background in working with different cultures in multiple countries. He has a B.A. in Interdisciplinary  Studies covering missiology and anthropology. He has a M.A. of Cultural Studies with a concentration in understanding poverty. Michael has worked in management and procurement in industrial companies and been an entrepreneur and small business owner. However, Michael grew up in a very impoverished area of the City of LaGrange, GA. Michael’s first job was at a landscape nursery in his neighborhood. When he was 16, he started work in Unity Plant, a cotton mill owned by Milliken and company. Michael was able to find his way up and out of poverty with the help of others who stepped in and shared not only of their income but most of all their modeling of a thriving way of life, rather than a striving existence. He has worked tirelessly giving back a helping hand to those that want out of poverty. 

Michael has worked as a teacher and church planter in Madrid,Spain and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, working across cultural lines and connecting people of different languages and background together into common purposes that benefit the whole community. Michael has more than 14 years experienceworking with individual with physical disabilities, re-entry issues and mental health problems. Michael also serves as pastor of Pillar Church and is a founding member of the LaGrange Clergy Fellowship.

Mike Meredith



Chief  Opperations  Officer    

Cabriel Bruce


Projects  Director

Harold and Kathleen Presley

Harold and Kathleen Presley 
Advisory committee

Advisory committee 

Dr. Frank and Elaine McCook


Advisory committee 

Randel Breland


Board   Member

Ellis Spence


Board  Member

Chris Walker


President  of  the  Board

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Stephan Edelson


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Pamela Dowell


Program  Coordinator  

Richard Rubisch


Financial Administrator 

Wanda Walker

Meet Wanda Walker! Wanda is the Secretary for The Artisan C.D.C.

Wanda is responsible for the Mins.


Executive  Committee 

Meet Wanda Walker! Wanda is the Secretary for The Artisan C.D.C.

Wanda is responsible for the Minutes of The Artisan C.D.C. Board of Directors meetings.

Through serving on various community boards and leadership teams, she has obtained knowledge of multiple organizations/agencies within the county that can assist in the mission of The Artisan C.D.C. The Artisan C.D.C. Board seeks to collaborate with these groups to enhance services available to those it serves.

Wanda graduated from LaGrange College with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1979. She graduated Magna Cum Laude. Wanda began her career as a secretary in the Troup County School System and the Troup County Health Department. After finishing her degree she served as the WIC Coordinator and later the Administrator at District 4 Health Services. Wanda retired from District 4 Health Services in 2003.

Wanda is the founder of Troup Transformation, Inc. an organization formed to provide Christian influence and support to government, business, education, family, culture (arts and entertainment), media, and the church. She serves on community boards and leadership teams to include the LaGrange-Troup County Homeless Coalition; Troup Accountability; Next Cross Road; Greater Achievement; Grace Covenant Worship Center; Safe Families for Children; and Kingdom Community. She is the host of the TV show, “You Make the Difference.” She was instrumental in the formation of the Troup County Mental Health Court. She is the author of the book,“Strategies to Transform Your City.”

Benji Shepard


Board  Member

Toni Leonard


Program  Coordinator  

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